Sunday, July 20, 2014

excited to say that we are planning to move...

i can't even begin to express how geeked i am that we are planning to move. while the rent is crazy cheap and we have never had a single issue with anyone in the building (they have actually come to my aid a couple of times when i couldn't make a sticky new lock work) or anyone in the neighborhood, i have never been a fan of the area.

this is mainly because it is one of those areas that has like zero amenities. i mean a chicken/fish joint, chinese food joint, dunkin donuts, aldi and walgreens are all good things and there is a great little community cafe but other than that, and especially after living in ukranian village for 8 years, i have felt like i am isolated in my own city.

like how do people live like this, with no starbucks to walk to or a nice bar/restaurant to crash in at the end of the day. yes, i am being first world problems dramatic but also being so real...

and the apt if just so small. i have written before about some ways i tried to maximize the space but seriously there is only so much i could do and i ended up with the wall of boxes

and don't get me started on closet space. we have one. YES, one closet. digest that. and just imagine, how completely insane that has been/is.

{my closet after i broke my garment rack and tried to squeeze more into it}

and i can fit like a third of my clothes in it along with the summer pieces we got the wee one and a couple of pieces of joe's things. thankfully she just folds most of her things.

i have my thrifted wardrobe, but the rack will no longer stay up because well, frankly i overloaded it. and then i purchased a garment rack, which was pretty nice until i broke it by crushing it behind the door one day and i have my storage unit, which is where i have tried to keep my off season clothes.

so, the fact that joe is on board with moving and we are very actively seeking a new home, thrills me.

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