Monday, September 28, 2015

autumn home...

fall is the start of my favorite time of the year, with halloween kicking off everything with it's crazy, colorful fun...i realized that a lot of my fall things are in storage because we moved in december last year and it just made sense to put them there but now i am like i need my things!!

so i will have to take a trip, although of course i have already purchased a few new things from target and other stores as i have seen them...stay tuned

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

summer balcony decor and a delivery nuisance...UPDATE

so, i am still slowly decorating and one of the spots that i really wanted to jazz up is our front balcony.

it's a partially brick enclosed space, which i love because it provides some sense of privacy, so I want to make it a spot where we can spend mornings drinking tea or nights relaxing with a more potent libation or two

so far i have ordered a table/ottoman and a love seat for the space. i also have lots of citronella candles and small decorative items and i am also going to get plants and possibly a bigger rug. and i say bigger because i ordered one but i mistakenly ordered the wrong size...wonk on me.

but another part of me is really into possibly putting down some astroturf like in this pic..i love it

or even putting down wood tiles like these...its so gorgeous...

i was also thinking about adding another level of privacy by adding either a folding screen like this shoji screen for some color or bamboo fence or something similar.

i was hoping to have this space set up now that summer is almost officially here but as you will see below, there has been one big hold up.

i ordered the table from amazon and true to my years of dependable experience with them, it arrived without delay and without incident.

the love seat on the other hand i ordered from wayfair via rakuten (which used to be because at the time they had it for the cheapest price. and well sometimes, cheap isn't better.

as you can see in this picture, the love seat has not been completely put together and that is because, it arrived in a box that was basically destroyed and when she opened it, the first thing Joe realized was that one of the seat cushions was missing. seriously?

so fast forward to today and I take all the pieces out and start putting it together to only get to the last couple of pieces and discover that one of the base pieces is broken and the broken piece isn't even in the tapped together mangled box, so who knows if it was broken in transit or before.

talk about annoying. its bad enough that i ordered it may 16th and it arrived june 2nd and now their estimate for a replacement pillow is june 16th, exactly a month from the day i ordered it and i just emailed them regarding this broken piece, so who knows what the estimate will be on it.

and this is not my first purchase from wayfair, my shoe cabinet (featured here) is from the site and i had no issues with it's delivery but i think from now on, i will stick to amazon and overstock.

more to come...

UPDATE: So today is June 8th & now the estimate for the broken base piece is June 18th because Wayfair is so not interested in truly making this right by expediting the delivery of th missing and broken pieces and are shipping them ground after apparently needing 5 days to get it from their warehouse.

This is truly my last order from them, I don't care how much cheaper something might be because ultimately I have ended paying way more with the headache of ot all. And thankfully I didn't have an event planned where I needed this. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

lilly pulitzer x target home decor must haves #LillyforTarget

one of the things that i dig about the lilly pulitzer x target collaboration is that the pretty patterns are not just reserved for the fashion pieces. and while the collection doesn't drop until april 19th, i am building my wish list of must haves.

i love entertaining and have missed it but now that we have a larger apartment, i plan to do so more often. i love creating a fun, lively environment and these pretty pieces definitely would help to achieve that.

i think my obsession with gold is well documented, so it should come as no surprise that i love these gold wine toppers.

and this mug set in the gold caddy is so pretty and definitely an upgrade for my morning cuppa

and this ceramic serving tray is so fab. it would be great on your table or even your vanity

and i live for my candles and i am always on the hunt for pretty holders and i love this set

and how pretty are these napkins? there are also coordinating plates, glasses, etc

this is truly a fun, happy collection and i can't wait to see the pieces in person. and if you are fashion lover, check out five of my fashion picks from the collection HERE!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

progress updates...

it has been a while since i have updated the progress on our new place (mini updates on curvatude) because life has been moving at the speed of lightning but here we go...

i figure if i break it down into rooms, it will be easier for me to remember (LOL) and easier for you to follow along.

studio - i have pretty much finalized my design of this space and true to my where the magic happens pinterest board that i started a couple of years back, it will be for the most part white and gold.

and the piece de resistance is my glossy white jett desk that we ordered from Z Gallerie a few weeks ago!

it is so gorgeous. i have been stalking it for months and i am geeked that it was slated to arrive in 2-3 weeks (their estimated delivery date, which is way too long for me but what can ya do? sighh) and since i started this post at the beginning of february, it should be here since we ordered is feb 5th but it is not, that i have a voice back (yes I have been sick..uggghhhh) i will have to call them again and find out where it is. 

but when it arrives, i plan to change out the pulls because my studio theme is gold and white and possibly do something to the top because it is very high gloss and if the model in the store is an indicator, very high scratch prone and i will be using this desk often, so i want to protect it...

i of course have been collecting for it forever but have also added some new pieces that i will use in it as are a few...

other updates...iphone photos some copied from my instagram but when its all done, i will definitely use my camera...

entry way - i am adding a kind of a life central in the entry way. i purchased chalkboard film & letters and will soon add a cork piece and diy it all onto a frame but for now, it's just hung on the wall

basically the bathroom's color scheme anchor is grey and white. i will be adding colors seasonally to mix things up but i like this base.

i have been changing out the rugs but for now, i have gone with white ones like this fluffy shag rug from pier one. side note: almost everyone was like "a white fluffy rug?" because of course keeping them clean can be an issue but i just picked it up every other day or so and shook it out and lightly swept it if necessary and it has not been a problem

the shower curtain will change but it will mainly be some variation of grey and white like the one we currently have

i purchased this devine colors wallpaper from target and while its looks kinda grey and blue online, as you can see, in person it is so pretty and has dark grey & light grey sparkle running through it.

i orginally was going to do one entire wall but now i have decided to use it to do stripes instead...

oh and that's our new side chair, which we are now in the process of exchanging because it arrived damaged and dirty...but its such a cute chair...i love the studs and white faux leather

bedroom...although it is the bane of my existence because of its sharp edges that seem to be really attracted to my shins, we are sticking with the bed for a bit, but we did snag this great bench from marshalls


the center room is such a great size that i plan to split it into both a lounge area & a dining room. this is the table that i want for the dining area..its also from z gallerie

for the most part, joe wants to design the kitchen but i know that i will have to add a few touches of my own, especially to the pantry, which could be a really great storage space, and we NEEEDDD storage space, so that I don't have to always take/pick things up from our rented storage space...

stay tuned...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

so amazing how things work out

-posted from my iphone because we have been without cable/internet since we moved 12/19. a long boring comcast/our building manager story. but i hope the pics aren't whack...the blogger app isn't the to an internet connection and updated the pics!!

anyway, i was in TJMaxx the other day and snapped a pic of this rug and told Joe that it was the style i wanted for our entryway but in orange.

low and behold, today when i left the gym i boarded a bus that eventually had to be taken out of service. because of this, the driver informed us that we had to wait for another one. we just so happened to be sitting down the street from a ross dress for less, so i thought why wait here for the next bus which will be crazy crowded with two bus loads of passengers when you can just go to ross.

so i exchange business cards with the gallery owner from Berlin that i randomly met and hopped off and headed to ross.

I spent like an hour cruising the home goods sections and was just about to checkout with my goods when i noticed another randomly placed bed & bath section and tadaaaaa...

LOVE Marquee Letters: QVC | Baxton Studio Glidden Shoe Cabinet: Wayfair

i came upon exactly the rug that i wanted!!! and thankfully it is 48" x 60" & fits the space perfectly (i am getting so much better at judging this).

i also snagged so many other fab pieces but this rug find (and meeting and chatting with the gallery owner) seriously set my New Year's day off right!!

anyway...lots more to come. if you missed the we moved in a week, 6 days before xmas post, you can find it here.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

we did it! we found and moved into an apt in a week!

yes we are crazy but sometimes you have to be. we wanted to start the new year off on a positive note and our old apt was making us (especially me) crazy, so crazy beget crazy and we are now in our new apt living out of boxes but couldn't be happier.

we have so much more space and as i wrote in my who moves 6 days before christmas post on curvatude, i will be creating my own office/closet/studio and that has me on cloud nine.

stay tuned! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

a shoe storage solution...

since we are moving (YAY) but not until the spring (BOO), i am moving forward with organizing things and trying to make the most of the space that we have.

one of the things that was a necessity was to organize our hallway and all of our, okkk... my shoes because the current set up is not cute nor adequate.

the bins are a new addition because the shoes, etc originally lined the hallway and it because a total mess. so part of my solution is this shoe cabinet.

Baxton Studio Glidden Wood Modern Shoe Cabinet
i ordered it on saturday from Wayfair (i love that site) and it is due to arrive friday. fingers crossed that its perfect for the space and helps me dump the bins.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

excited to say that we are planning to move...

i can't even begin to express how geeked i am that we are planning to move. while the rent is crazy cheap and we have never had a single issue with anyone in the building (they have actually come to my aid a couple of times when i couldn't make a sticky new lock work) or anyone in the neighborhood, i have never been a fan of the area.

this is mainly because it is one of those areas that has like zero amenities. i mean a chicken/fish joint, chinese food joint, dunkin donuts, aldi and walgreens are all good things and there is a great little community cafe but other than that, and especially after living in ukranian village for 8 years, i have felt like i am isolated in my own city.

like how do people live like this, with no starbucks to walk to or a nice bar/restaurant to crash in at the end of the day. yes, i am being first world problems dramatic but also being so real...

and the apt if just so small. i have written before about some ways i tried to maximize the space but seriously there is only so much i could do and i ended up with the wall of boxes

and don't get me started on closet space. we have one. YES, one closet. digest that. and just imagine, how completely insane that has been/is.

{my closet after i broke my garment rack and tried to squeeze more into it}

and i can fit like a third of my clothes in it along with the summer pieces we got the wee one and a couple of pieces of joe's things. thankfully she just folds most of her things.

i have my thrifted wardrobe, but the rack will no longer stay up because well, frankly i overloaded it. and then i purchased a garment rack, which was pretty nice until i broke it by crushing it behind the door one day and i have my storage unit, which is where i have tried to keep my off season clothes.

so, the fact that joe is on board with moving and we are very actively seeking a new home, thrills me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

spring bed linens and living with intention...

it was such a brutal winter and spring has been long coming but amazingly today the weather skipped spring and went straight to summer with 80 degree temps in chicago.

i wanted to pop open the windows and lighten things up a bit but it was a bit too warm to open the windows (not complaining) but i did stop by my go to for almost everything store, tjmaxx and picked up a new lighter quilt and an embossed floral sheet set and i paired them with an xoxo pillow that i purchased months ago from h&m but never used and two laugh pillows that i picked up last month from marshalls.

nicole miller quilt  | hotel new york emobossed sheet set | h&m xoxo pillow | new port laugh pillows

the two framed pieces are goodwill finds that cost under $5 each...score!

oh and i never took the lights (seen here) that i put on the headboard around xmas off..i love the subtle lighting they provide.

speaking of h&m, they have the most adorable linens online currently like this pretty floral pillow cover...gonna do a quick post about the pieces that i love..

if you read my other blog, then you may know that i have had somewhat of a challenging year but i am working to get back on track and so i purchased a journal/notebook where i hope to use to check in with myself more and as it notes, live with intention...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

i picked up a few pieces from oh joy for target...

spring is finally here, 
at least that's what the calendar says (#sidseye) so i snagged a few pieces from the oh joy line @ target.

the colors are so pretty!