Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am slowing unpacking and i do mean slowly. Mainly because Joe's apartment is small & well ok, i own a lot of stuff! LOL

In an effort to contain some of my cosmetetries, we snagged this cute over the toilet cabinet at Target
on Sunday.

It is just small enough to fit the space without overwhelming it and has helped me find a home for some of my things. Some of the reviews online are not that great but we had the boy put it together and with the exception of putting that front panel on in what appears to be backwards (note the holes near the toilet) it is steady and doing what I need it to do. I am going to spackle those holes and be done with it for now.

This is about 30% of the bath/beauty stuff that I need to find a spot for. I have more in the cabinet over the sink and I am going to buy a couple of these sliding baskets for the under the sink cabinet to maximize it's space and keep things organized.

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