Monday, September 3, 2012

organizing and displaying...

i have been deep in a major purge..editing out my many collections of things and trying to only keep the items that really speak to where i currently am in my life.

one of the places that has been under purge is my bookcase. it's a craigslist ikea find and not really big but it was chock full of magazines and books, some of which i hadn't even read or remembered that i even owned.

that is due to the fact that i pick up a lot of books at sales and the thrift store, etc. and that i am a magazinaholic...i confess...

anyway, this is the current state of the top of the book case. this always changes with the seasons 
but usually there are just candle holders and maybe some vases but i found 
this fab central park poster in a frame for $12 and had to have it...
it reminds me of one of the reasons i love and miss my heart home, NYC

and normally my cameras are on a shelf in the case but i wanted to display a few of them in a more
prominent way and i love my paris book so much, that i wanted to have it out as well.

the picture of my gram when she was younger always stays front and center on the
book case because although i miss her in a way that words can not explain, it makes me smile

so, i am still purging and rearranging the books, etc
but having this completed, and really liking it has added fuel to my organizing fire

oh and i snagged a new wardrobe and cabinet from my favorite thrift store...

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