Thursday, December 17, 2015

living room...

i have been looking for a rug for months...mainly because i just could not decided what direction i wanted to go with since our sofa is such a deep grey, i knew i wanted something to compliment it but brighten the space without being a complete and total dirt magnet.

this charcoal herringbone woven jute area rug caught my eye a few weeks back during one of my regular stops into world market & then they had a sweet members sale & i had to snatch it up (read the crazy back story of how i thought i was going to get it home here).

i will of course post more when i get it closet to completion but anyway, the white faux leather chair is temporarily in the living room for christmas but it is for the lounge area.

oh and i finally decided on an entertainment center and because i have always wanted a fireplace & the fact that we don't have one nor the space for a free standing one, made getting an insert the next best thing...

Joe put this together on saturday so i haven't styled it out yet oh and side note, i love this movie, focus...a nice departure for will smith getting some love action, and yesterday was Joe's bday and a co-worker gave her these cute tulips, which reminded me that I need to get some of my vases out of storage but lort...i went there to get my tree stand and dare i say it, it really needs a purge...sigh

anyway, this entertainment center keeps selling out on every site that i have seen it on which definitely played a part in me deciding to just get it (or regret it). but it is available here in two colors & here in black and here with enclosed cabinets instead of shelves which i wish i would have gotten.

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