Sunday, October 2, 2016

a luxe halloween prep...

fall is without a doubt my favorite time of the year... halloween thru new years is such a magical time and i really love to celebrate it all.

this year, i am getting a bit of a head start, i mean it's oct 2nd and am already getting my fall and halloween decor up. WOOT!

i was searching for pumpkins and i came across some that are so fun...and this year, i am going with a more simplistic, luxe halloween vibe that is a little more bling-ish than scary.

so, i ordered one of each of these awesome studded pumpkins (currently 25% off) to go with this black and white pumpkin that i found locally.

black halloween studded pumpkin

cream halloween studded-pumpkin

i have had this gold skull is one of a small collection i have been building and it is actually a the black pumpkin with the boo luminary HAD to be mine...i saw it in an email but didn't remember from where and just so happened to go the marshalls yesterday and found one!!!

p.s - while halloween is definitely my theme right now, fall of course will be mingled in so i am planning for it and purchased these cute plates and napkins also...

p.p.s - check out my for the home | autumnal | and winter holidays pinterest boards!

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