Monday, October 26, 2015

halloween entry way vignette & tub update...

halloween is my jam, so in addition to decking out my apartment door with a little halloween vibe, i added a little vignette to our entryway.

this is how it looks with the lights on. 

most of the decor is from targets suck you in section aka the dollar and more section with the exception of the LOVE marquee letters which are from QVC and are always on display here on my shoe cabinet and the candle skeletons are from tj maxx.

ohh and the contractors finished installing the tub and boo, it's a shorter, metal one and nowhere near as comfortable as the previous one but at least it's finally in but major side eye to them for the somewhat sloppy grout job and friggin mess they made...although they were annoying, i stayed in the apartment most of the time they were there but apparently should have stayed until it was 100% completed because they left grout and ish all over the tiles and used my broom to clean up and left it all dusty...

this is how it looked after i have scrubbed it a few times but as you can see, there is more grout to remove. normally i would pitch a fit but i am as of late, a gentler more don't give stupid stuff too much energy, let it go version of myself, so i sigh and move on..

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