Wednesday, March 27, 2013


i have tweeted about it but i haven't really given my pending move much space on my blog homes, so here ya go.

the owner of my building had been sick for some time and finally got an offer for the building that would free him up to hopefully live out the rest of his days in comfort.

while i am not happy to have to move from the neighborhood that i love, i really felt bad for him the last time he came over...he seemed so sad....his parents lived their last days here...

the new owners said that they were planning to remodel the apartments and raise the rent at least $500 because of what they paid for the place. i am not sure if this was either a ruse to clear the building or what but even if it wasn't and even if they were not raising the rent, i would not want to stay because there has already been so much noise and annoyance around here since they took over.

anyway, i got my little 30 day notice and truth be told, since I lost "the beast" here, this place just hadn't felt much like a home anyway, so it will almost be a relief to leave.

so far my box/bin count is 80 and we are not finished!!!

this is after purging and chuckin so much good stuff (lots brand new, tags attached, etc which i wish i had time to give away but i don't) and a bunch of junk.

instead of dealing with apartment hunting, Joe offered me shelter and I am going to take it.  the great part about this, besides saving money, is that I get to decorate a whole new space because Joe lives a serious spartan bachelor like life and of course i will be highlighting it via my social platforms and this blog, so stay tuned.

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