Saturday, June 6, 2015

summer balcony decor and a delivery nuisance...UPDATE

so, i am still slowly decorating and one of the spots that i really wanted to jazz up is our front balcony.

it's a partially brick enclosed space, which i love because it provides some sense of privacy, so I want to make it a spot where we can spend mornings drinking tea or nights relaxing with a more potent libation or two

so far i have ordered a table/ottoman and a love seat for the space. i also have lots of citronella candles and small decorative items and i am also going to get plants and possibly a bigger rug. and i say bigger because i ordered one but i mistakenly ordered the wrong size...wonk on me.

but another part of me is really into possibly putting down some astroturf like in this pic..i love it

or even putting down wood tiles like these...its so gorgeous...

i was also thinking about adding another level of privacy by adding either a folding screen like this shoji screen for some color or bamboo fence or something similar.

i was hoping to have this space set up now that summer is almost officially here but as you will see below, there has been one big hold up.

i ordered the table from amazon and true to my years of dependable experience with them, it arrived without delay and without incident.

the love seat on the other hand i ordered from wayfair via rakuten (which used to be because at the time they had it for the cheapest price. and well sometimes, cheap isn't better.

as you can see in this picture, the love seat has not been completely put together and that is because, it arrived in a box that was basically destroyed and when she opened it, the first thing Joe realized was that one of the seat cushions was missing. seriously?

so fast forward to today and I take all the pieces out and start putting it together to only get to the last couple of pieces and discover that one of the base pieces is broken and the broken piece isn't even in the tapped together mangled box, so who knows if it was broken in transit or before.

talk about annoying. its bad enough that i ordered it may 16th and it arrived june 2nd and now their estimate for a replacement pillow is june 16th, exactly a month from the day i ordered it and i just emailed them regarding this broken piece, so who knows what the estimate will be on it.

and this is not my first purchase from wayfair, my shoe cabinet (featured here) is from the site and i had no issues with it's delivery but i think from now on, i will stick to amazon and overstock.

more to come...

UPDATE: So today is June 8th & now the estimate for the broken base piece is June 18th because Wayfair is so not interested in truly making this right by expediting the delivery of th missing and broken pieces and are shipping them ground after apparently needing 5 days to get it from their warehouse.

This is truly my last order from them, I don't care how much cheaper something might be because ultimately I have ended paying way more with the headache of ot all. And thankfully I didn't have an event planned where I needed this. 

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