Thursday, January 1, 2015

so amazing how things work out

-posted from my iphone because we have been without cable/internet since we moved 12/19. a long boring comcast/our building manager story. but i hope the pics aren't whack...the blogger app isn't the to an internet connection and updated the pics!!

anyway, i was in TJMaxx the other day and snapped a pic of this rug and told Joe that it was the style i wanted for our entryway but in orange.

low and behold, today when i left the gym i boarded a bus that eventually had to be taken out of service. because of this, the driver informed us that we had to wait for another one. we just so happened to be sitting down the street from a ross dress for less, so i thought why wait here for the next bus which will be crazy crowded with two bus loads of passengers when you can just go to ross.

so i exchange business cards with the gallery owner from Berlin that i randomly met and hopped off and headed to ross.

I spent like an hour cruising the home goods sections and was just about to checkout with my goods when i noticed another randomly placed bed & bath section and tadaaaaa...

LOVE Marquee Letters: QVC | Baxton Studio Glidden Shoe Cabinet: Wayfair

i came upon exactly the rug that i wanted!!! and thankfully it is 48" x 60" & fits the space perfectly (i am getting so much better at judging this).

i also snagged so many other fab pieces but this rug find (and meeting and chatting with the gallery owner) seriously set my New Year's day off right!!

anyway...lots more to come. if you missed the we moved in a week, 6 days before xmas post, you can find it here.

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