Sunday, October 17, 2010

the windows...

months ago i posted what i thought would end up being the solution to my window issue.

i lived with the window film just taped up for months because from the moment i put it up i realized that i hated it.

it was just too opaque and too dang white...

my goal was to have light not turn the windows into big white blobs

here they are with the window film up.

so fast forward to a few weeks ago and the idea of frosting came to me, but there was no way that i could actually use glass frosting on the windows

low and behold a simple web search delivered my solution via lifehacker


plain ol faux paint glaze, sans the paint...

you can see what a great difference it makes as far as privacy goes when you compare the bottom treated window to the top untreated...

Same here. Left side treated, right side not.


now i can have light without having to expose my everything.. and trust me sometimes it's truly my everything!

thank you lifehacker!!!

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