Monday, February 8, 2010

apartment into home..

revamp ideas..

ok at the beginning of the month i decided to take my dark affectionately called "cave" of an apartment and turn it into a light, warm welcoming home.

here are some of my planned changes..

i am going to start where i can have the biggest impact first, so that means the windows.

because the apartment is technically a rear apartment, it is sandwiched between two buildings and basically to have even a bit of privacy, i keep the curtains and blinds drawn most of the time..otherwise i am staring into my neighbors place and they are watching me traipse around in my sexy flimsy things.

so operation windows wide open plan will start with the following..

-window film. the goal is to bring in the light but not look cheesy or like a church.

at the moment my heart is set on using the Gila Mirror Privacy Window Film

but we shall see..

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